Quendi Elf Cattery
Quindi's Elrond
The 1st Elf cat
Quendi's Misdemeanor
Quendi's Kessler
The pictures you see here are of the 1st
Elf cat .  His name is Elrond. He is a
blue mink male topping out at 14 lbs.  
He is a big love bug.  The pictures were
taken at my parents house on Christmas
day.  The family had wanted to see what
an Elf cat looked like so I brought him
by.  Needless to say they held him for
hours and it was love at 1st site.
Quendi's Peotic Justice posing for you nude
Here is the list of Standard Elf
cats that Quendi Cattery has

Quendi's Elrond
Quendi's Kessler
Quendi's Keebler
Quendi's Ninde Seregon of Soulekatz
Quendi's George
Quendi's Poetic Justice
Quendi's Its a Sticky situation
Quendi's Misdemeanor
Quendi's Squeeky
Quendi's Zelda
Quendi's Hurkamer
and the list goes on...
Quendi's Arwin
Elf Gallery And
Quendi's Zelda