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Creature from fairies tales

In science fiction, Elfs are semidivines beings, with long life, magic powers
and pointed and curved ears.  The cat beside, the Elf, seems to bring these
creatures from fairies tales to the reality. It has started to be developed in
less than three years, through breedings (matings) among individuals of the
breeds American Curl (catbreed with ears curved backwards) and Sphynx
(characterized by the absence of coat). “The purpose was that the Elf
inherited these two characteristics and presented unique look: bald and with
ears curved backwards in a Elf style”, tells the north-american Kristen
Leedom, one of evolved in the formation of the cat. It also intended to
obtain a sociable, affectionate and active behavior. “The Elf is full of
energy and is docile and outgoing!”, says Karen Nelson, from United States,
other one engaged in the improvement of the breed. The Elf should have
size from medium to large (weighs from 3,6 up to 6,8 kg) and curve of the
ears between 90 up to 180 degree .  Thin and short hairs can be present in
some regions, as feet, ears, muzzle and tail.

The remainder of the body should be hairless or present a fuzz coat almost
imperceptible. The estimation is that the population of this new cat be
around only ten individuals, spread in only five catteries. All in United
States. The breeder of Quendi Cattery, can be touched through the e-mail