Elf cat
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elf cat
Elfs are the deliberate hybrid of the Sphynx and American Curl. The
desired results being a hairless, slightly curled ear cat. Athletic in
appearance, gentle but lively, out-going and very affectionate. Elfs are
intelligent, friendly cats that are agile and have personality plus. They
respond well to being handled as they are very interactive, social cats.  
Some may feel that this is a controversial breed, but through
perseverance and our ethics we feel it will be accepted with both TICA
and CFA.  We plan to take this breed eventually to championship levels.  
We are open to working with others to promote this breed.  If you are
seriously interested please contact us. We are looking for others who
would be interested in being fore founders of this breed with us.  Please
contact us for information if you feel that you are serious about joining
us in developing the Elf Cat

Please contact Kristen at: Email kristen.leedom@gmail.com or feel free to text
262-271-1729.  Its best to reach me by email or text.

CATS-Kristen Leedom

We breed True Elf Cats using only

    Sphynx, American Curl, and Domestic ancestry, not highlanders or
highland lynx!!!!  
Quendis Kessler
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Quendi is happy to announce that we are sending Elf cats, Sphynx
and Skinderlops to Russia, UK, Netherlands, and South Africa.