Quendi Elf Cattery

What to look for
in a breeder?

Choosing just the right breeder for your new Elf kitten is a very
important task and can be very confusing.  There are several
breeders out there that are working with another breeder,  that
claims to be the "only elf founder" of which she is not.  There is a
lot of information out there on a lot of different sites and it is
important to be able to take all of this into consideration.  The
most important thing to do when searching for a breeder is to ask
a lot of questions.  All reputable Elf breeders will be more than
happy to answer any and all questions about their cats and the
care of their cats and provide you with a pedigree.  

Elf kittens are very people oriented cats and desire a lot of human
attention.  Which ever breeder you choose should spend a lot of
time socializing their kittens and interacting with them in order to
nurture this trait and help them become stable cats.  Elf kittens
have acquired the very affectionate personality of the Sphynx and
the very playful, inquisitive nature of the American Curl.  They
want to help you with everything and it is important to give them
plenty of toys to play with.

Reputable Elf breeders sell their kittens with strict contracts
regarding their care.  We are very protective of this new breed and
we will not allow just anyone to have one of our Elf babies.  Any
Elf kittens/cats being placed in a pet home should be
spayed/neutered or sold on a spay/neuter contract.  Reputable Elf
breeders will not sell cats intact to people who are not truly
committed to protecting this amazing breed.

Most importantly whom ever you choose in a breeder should be
someone you can easily work with and trust.  Remember this
relationship is one you will have for 15-20 years or as long as your
little Elf kitten is still on this Earth.  You definitely want that
relationship to be a positive one.