Quendi Elf Cattery
In the creation of the Elf cat many people ask why should I use an American Curl instead of
another curled ear breed of cat like the highlander?  This question can be answered in many
different ways.  The biggest reason that the American Curl was chosen is because of the
health of this breed.  American curls have no debilitating conditions associated with the
curled ear mutation and they are not plagued by the many diseases that most purebred cats
are because the curl breeders have included domestic shorthairs and domestic longhairs in
their breeding programs.

Sphynx can be subjected to health problems such as HCM and because they are not an
extremely hearty breed by nature the decision was made to use a cat that was hearty and
healthy to improve the health of the kittens that we produce.  The American Curl has only
one genetic mutation and that is the curled ear not several like many of the other curled ear

Through the last few years of breeding Sphynx to American Curl there have been no adverse
genetic anomolies reported by combining these 2 mutations.
Why Use  American Curls?