Scheherazadectz Bootie Call
Cream mink and White
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Satin Kitty's I'm all Ears
Blue and White Van
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Satin kitty's Im all ears of kleedom
scheherazadectz Booty Call

Infurno Koy Bandares
Seal Point and White
infurno koy bandares of Scheherazadectz

Scheherazadectz Nanoo Nanoo
Seal Point and White
Scheherazadectz Infurno
Scheherazadectz Buck Naked
Brown Tabby
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scheherazadectz Infurno
scheherazadectz Buck naked
Scheherazadectz Nahoo Nahoo
scheherazadectz Mork from Ork
Scheherazadectz Mork From Ork
Natural Mink
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Hadakats IBSHYNX
Black and White Tabby
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Tuckwoodhouse Meetball
Tuckwoodhouse Meatball
Lilac Mink and White
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Sire: Scheherazadectz Mork From Ork
Dam: Scheherazadectz Dolo
Sire: Cattablanca Ted Nudegent
Dam: Cattablanca Anaira Hair
Sire: House Of Sphynx Trouser
Dam: Infurno So Koya
Sire: Scheherazadectz Mork from Ork
Dam: Scheherazadectz From Planet Venus
Sire: Scheherazadectz Mork from Ork
Dam: Kittncatters Run Aroumd Sue
Sire: Scheherazadectz Zentari
Dam: Scheherazadectz Neptune
Sire: Barebods Spongebald of Cattablanca
Dam: Kattewyk Shay of Scheherazadectz
Sire: Amajen Carcass of Wannabenaked
Dam: Gerri of Hadakat
Sire: Bugsy Surdo Bang of Scheherazadectz
Dam: Careingcats Patches ah
Ageless Beauty Smeagol
Black and White
Sire: Skinsational Barta Baremeow of Scheherazadectz
Dam: Careingcats Miss Mia
Past and Present Studs-Not all studs are housed here-they
reside with trusted friends and breeders we work with
Scheherazadectz Zentari
Brown Tabby and White
Sire: Bastetsphynx Red Sun Rising
Dam: Scheherazadectz Lucy
Skinsational  Barta Baremeow
Cream mink and white
Sire: Belfry Silverr Legacy
Dam: Chamois Cat Betty Boops no hair
scheherazadectz Sneak n Around
Scheherazadectz Sneak N Around
Red tabby and white
Sire:Agelessbeauty Smeagol
Dam: Autumnargus Nudie Patudie
Bugsy Surdo Bang of Kleedom
Sire:Catablanca Jake Lamada 2nd
Dam: Aveisav Sheleziaka
Scheherazade Sphynx